A Photoblog of the New Building Construction

Follow the construction of the new building as it happens.

The Latest Photos

Oct 16, 2018: One of the gas heaters hanging on the deck.

Oct 16, 2018: Flooring upstairs in the viewing area beside the bar.

Oct 16, 2018: Flooring in the banquet hall.

Oct 16, 2018: Another cement pour to finish off the melt pit in the back storeroom.

Oct 16, 2018: The overhead door on the east side is in place.

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Oct 1, 2018: Other than the final testing, the elevator install is complete. Next, the opening needs to be framed in.

Oct 1, 2018: Installing flashing on the covered deck's railing.

Oct 1, 2018: The t-bar support frame in the north banquet room is almost complete.

Oct 1, 2018: Ventilation ducting for the HVAC in the upstairs viewing area.

Oct 1, 2018: Toilets have been installed in the upstairs ladies' restroom

Oct 1, 2018: Waiting for the sinks to be installed.

Oct 1, 2018: Grouting the tiles in the entrance to the upstairs men's restroom.

Oct 1, 2018: Tiling the walls in the downstairs men's restroom.

Oct 1, 2018: Tile on the floor in the downstairs family restroom.

Oct 1, 2018: Painting the ceiling in one of the storerooms at the back of the ice shed.

Oct 2, 2018: The installation of the t-bar supports in the banquet area has been completed.

Oct 2, 2018: Urinals and toilets in the upstairs men's restroom.

Oct 2, 2018: Infrared heaters waiting to be installed in the ceiling of the covered deck.

Oct 2, 2018: The serving area in kitchen has been painted.

Oct 2, 2018: The pro shop has been painted.

Oct 2, 2018: Painting the dining area.

Oct 2, 2018: Tiling has started in the downstairs restrooms.

Oct 3, 2018: The inside doors in the foyer at the main entrance.

Oct 3, 2018: The door for the pro shop.

Oct 3, 2018: The tracking for the sliding doors leading into the multi-purpose room.

Oct 3, 2018: Siding on the railing around the covered deck.

Oct 3, 2018: Pot lighting in the upstairs ladies' restroom.

Oct 3, 2018: Eight of the forty lights in the ice shed have been temporarily hooked up. They are extremely bright.

Oct 3, 2018: Grinding down some of the high spots on the ice shed floor.

Oct 3, 2018: Putting on the third coat of paint in the ice shed.

Oct 3, 2018: Two wall mounted, gas boiler water heaters in the utilities room.

Oct 3, 2018: Service regulators and check valves for the gas service.

Oct 3, 2018: Heavy gage wiring between the distribution panel, transformers and various circuit panels is being installed all over the building in preparation for the BC Hydro hook up.

Oct 3, 2018: Heavy gage wiring entering circuit panels in the storeroom behind the bar.

Oct 3, 2018: The electricians are using a 1" rope as a fish tape to pull the heavy gage wire through the conduit.

Oct 3, 2018: The other end of the rope is attached to a bundle of wire in the viewing area, over 100' away.

Oct 3, 2018: Pulling the wire from the viewing area through the conduit.

Oct 4, 2018: The last of the t-bar support is being installed upstairs.

Oct 4, 2018: Lighting panels, HVAC vents and fire sprinklers in the banquet room.

Oct 4, 2018: Tiling in the downstairs men's restroom.

Oct 4, 2018: Bricks to close in the gaps around the elevator door.

Oct 4, 2018: The kitchen exhaust hoods have arrived.

Oct 4, 2018: Electricians working on the wiring.

Oct 4, 2018: The compressor room.

Oct 4, 2018: Installing some steel supports for the canopy roof.

Oct 4, 2018: Painting the exterior doors.

Oct 5, 2018: The brick work around the upstairs elevator.

Oct 5, 2018: Two of the three exhaust hoods in the kitchen.

Oct 5, 2018: The cleats for the countertops in the restrooms have been in stalled.

Oct 5, 2018: Painting the steel structure in the ice shed.

Oct 5, 2018: The pipes carrying glycol in the compressor room are being painted green.

Oct 9, 2018: Out on Spadina Ave, they are hooking up the power lines leading to the building.

Oct 9, 2018: Unloading the transformer box just north of the building. The underground power lines run from Spadina Ave to this box, then to the building.

Oct 9, 2018: Polishing the floor in the bar in preparation for the flooring installation.

Oct 9, 2018: Installing the wiring for the alarm system.

Oct 9, 2018: Touching up the paint on the upstairs doorframes.

Oct 9, 2018: Hooking up a sprinkler head in the meeting room.

Oct 9, 2018: Placing the counter top for the sinks in the downstairs men's restroom.

Oct 9, 2018: Getting into every nook and cranny to paint the ice shed.

Oct 9, 2018: There aren't as many wires dangling out of boxes in the electrical room.

Oct 9, 2018: Cutting insulation to fit on one of the chillers.

Oct 9, 2018: Wrapping insulation around pipes in the compressor room.

Oct 9, 2018: Painting pipes in the compressor room.

Oct 10, 2018: Getting ready to pull the power lines from the transformer box into the building.

Oct 10, 2018: Holes for the sinks in the counter top in the upstairs ladies' restroom.

Oct 10, 2018: Laying the non-slip flooring in the bar.

Oct 10, 2018: Installing tracking for the soffet above the deck.

Oct 10, 2018: The ThyssenKrupp TAC32 solid state/microprocessor elevator controller for hydraulic elevator.

Oct 10, 2018: The exhaust hoods in the kitchen.

Oct 10, 2018: The downstairs men's restroom.

Oct 10, 2018: Hooking up the main power lines coming into the building from the transformer box.

Oct 10, 2018: Yellow paint in the compressor room on the pipes carrying ammonia.

Oct 11, 2018: Installing the roof on the entrance canopy.

Oct 11, 2018: Sinks in the upstairs ladies' restroom.

Oct 11, 2018: Carpet tile in the meeting room.

Oct 11, 2018: Supports for the soffet on the deck.

Oct 11, 2018: Another exhaust hood in the kitchen, this one for the dishwasher.

Oct 11, 2018: Some colour in the dining area.

Oct 12, 2018: The drywall tapers are almost finished. They are in the stairwells now.

Oct 12, 2018: Vinyl plank flooring will featured through much of the building.

Oct 12, 2018: Installing t-bar supports in the dining area.

Oct 12, 2018: The cubicle walls in the restrooms are going up.

Oct 12, 2018: There is a lot of wiring in the curcuit breaker box in the downstairs janitorial room.

Oct 13, 2018: Hooking up the gas line's service regulators and check valves to the building.

Oct 13, 2018: Digital control boxes for the touch-free faucets are being installed.

Oct 13, 2018: Sorting out the wiring at one of the circuit breaker boxes.

Oct 13, 2018: The chillers and coolant pipes have been wrapped with insulation.

Oct 13, 2018: The restrooms at the rear of the ice shed.

Oct 15, 2018: Forms for sidewalks along the east side of the building.

Oct 15, 2018: The form for the landing outside the fire escape on the north side of the building.

Oct 15, 2018: Laying the vinyl plank flooring in the banquet room.

Oct 15, 2018: A 14-foot-wide, roll-up door going up on the east side of the building.

Oct 15, 2018: Installing siding around the exterior doorway beside the main entrance.