Oct. 27th, 2008

Vice President Larry LeGault called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors to order on Oct. 27th, 2008.  9 directors were present.



-           Moved by Jane Arden, seconded by Jane Adam the Sept. minutes are adopted as reviewed.  Carried.



-             Letter from Monday Night Ladies concerning repairs needed in upstairs


-             Letter read concerning slow play.

-             Letter re: poinsettia fundraiser.


Treasurer’s Report: 

-             Monthly financial report handed out and reviewed.

        -      Moved by Lenneke Bowles seconded by Jane Adam the financial report be

    adopted as reviewed.  Carried.


Manager’s Report: Bruce Renwick

-           Dues are posted to date.

-           Masters spiel went well, good job in organizing

-           Ice maintenance this weekend also cleaning of walls.  Help Needed.

-           Energy saving things can be done in compressor room. 

-           Looking for spare stones/new stones. (capital grant)




Building and Maintenance:

-             Cameras and warning signs are posted in parking lot. 

-             Moved by Jamie Newton seconded by Laura Watson to spend up to $1,100   

    + taxes to replace window coverings.  Carried.

-             Ramp is done for backroom.

-             Work bench is being built by Bill Nash.

-             Insulation being done by Les Friesen, wiring by Jim Kirkey, plumbing by

    Dallas Senft.   A big Thank You to those volunteers.

-             Curtains are here for the backroom doorway.

-             Some ceiling tiles and vent covers to be replaced.


Bonspiels and Draws:

-            10 teams so far for the Fall Spiel Nov. 7th.

-            12 teams for the Stick Spiel Nov. 29-30.


Finance and Funding Committee:    

-            Capital Grants to be done by end of Nov. To be discussed at next meeting.


Memberships and Social:

-            Top Dog is Keith Britz.  35 people participated in contest.

-            Upstairs has been decorated for Halloween.

-            Moved by Jane Arden seconded by Dennis Bailey we accept membership

   requests by:  Rob Garf, Pat Graham, Susan Halcrow, Jacqui Hall,

             Karen Jarvis, Cathy Meeres, Kathy Person, Bob Pisatcky, Denise Robinson,

             Neil Sulkers and Leonard Town.  Carried.


Advertising and Sponsorship:

-            Will follow up on non payment of invoices at end of month.


Junior Curling and Clinics:

-            Clinics were well done.

-            Optimists clinic 13 younger kids, World Jr. Rep. attended

-            League numbers are down, HELP NEEDED.

-            2 juvenile teams going to playdowns

-            1 junior girls’ team to go to playdowns


Ice Conditions:

-            Good comments so far.

-            Building of backroom has caused a few issues in cleanliness, airflow.


Old Business:

-            Business of Curling workshop was held Sat. from 8:30am - 5:00 pm and

   Sunday from 8:30am – 12:00pm.

-            Good workshop, intense, lots of ideas and well organized.

-            Planning committee to be formed.  Jamie, Dick, Jane, Jane and Wendi Prinse.      

-            Involve non-board members who attended workshop.

-            Strategy Plan – 5 year – to be formulated and submitted to Jack Bowman.

-            Mission Statement to be made.

-            Adult emergency first aid course was held.  One day course, very useful.

-            Recommended we get mouth to mouth masks for CPR. also vinyl gloves.











New Business:

-             Re: Ladies washroom, soap dispenser has been replaced and mirrors ordered.

    Reply letter will be given to Monday Night Ladies.

-             Re: slow play, talk to teams concerning their slow play.

-             Ice Maker contract to be reviewed/adjusted.

-             Parking Lot issues of poor lighting and need of paving.  Keep sending letters

    to city council.

-             Discussion concerning volunteer recognition and membership recruitment.

-             Moved by Laura Watson seconded by Dennis Bailey to adopt in principal the  

    concept of “Club Bucks”.   Carried.

-             Volunteer recognition: Wendi Prinse to head committee, Laura Watson will

     work on committee.

-             League Liaison: Larry and Chris to work on finding reps. and organizing.

-             Portfolios for committees are needed.





Vice President’s Remarks: Larry LeGault

-           None


Past President’s Remarks: Dick Allan

-           None





Next Board Meeting is: Nov. 24th. At 7:00 pm


Vice President Larry LeGault adjourned the meeting at 8:50 pm.